Pre-Korea National Championship

The Novarossi & Mugen Championship was held at DongHae Raceway in Korea. Since the Korea Nitro Off-road Buggy Championship would be held at the same track in 3 weeks, the race was called the ‘Pre-Korea National Championship’. And of course most of the Korean top drivers participated in this race.

The race was represented by Team XRAY drivers ChoongYeul, DongKwan, NamHo, and DongWoo. It was the first official race for Team XRAY Korea where they would be able to test and race with the new XB808. As expected, the race was able to showcase the XB808’s great performance as it was very fast, reliable, and performed great jumps. However, being the first XB808 testing by the Korean drivers, they had a problem with timing the jumps as the XB808 was much faster and jumps longer than any other buggy they had ever experienced. During the first qualifier, it was kind hard to determine how far it would jump. However, we quickly became familiar with the performance of the XB808 in the 2nd qualifier.

Team XRAY Korea driver DongWoo’s XB808 was able to finish with the TQ in the 2nd qualifier. Even though it was his first time racing with the XB808, DongWoo’s buggy was really unbelievably fast.

During the A-main final another XB808 driver ChoongYeul had a hard time with several engine problems. DongWoo continued to show the superior performance of the XB808 and was able to capitalize on his TQ start with the race win. This was a monumental achievement for both him and the car as it was his debut race with the XB808 at such a large event!!!

Final Results:

1. MinSoo Si
2. DongWoo Nam XRAY XB808
3. SungMo Goo

Source : XRAY

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