ROAR – Announcement May 2, 2008

On April 22nd, ROAR President Dawn Sanchez met with manufacturer representatives and Fuel Off-road Committee members in attendance at this year’s Truck Nationals held at The Nitro Pit in Phoenix, Arizona. This group discussed the viability of re-combining the 1:8 Buggy Nationals with 1:8 Truck Nationals. It was decided that in order for this to work effectively, Production Monster Truck and 1:10 Gas Truck would have to be dropped from the Nationals program.

Those in attendance at the meeting were unanimous in their decision that this would be the most cost-effective method of handling Fuel Nationals. Not only would this be more cost-effective for teams and manufacturers, it would mostly help the privateer who has to go out-of-pocket for their expenses.

5-02-2008 Rule Updates
The following items are to replace the line items in the 2008 ROAR rule book.

Effective immediately these items have been updated to comply with current 1/5th scale racing requirements.

10.1.6 All bodies used in the STC class must be ROAR or IFMAR approved Body and Wing rules:
Allow all 1/5 scale sedan bodies and all 1/5 scale coupe bodies with a “full” cabin area that seat 4 or more occupants to be legal for the Super Touring Class.
All dimensions must be within scale ± 5% of the full-size vehicle represented.
Only one single-element wing is allowed.
No dihedral is allowed.
The leading and trailing edges of the wing must be parallel.
The wing must be painted or otherwise opaque.
The body must cover the outer edge of the tires at the center of the axle when viewed from above.

10.9.6 A shut off switch must be left on the motor in the original location of manufacturer. The side window must be cut out to allow for direct access to the factory kill switch . For Formula cars, the shut off switch must be accessible from the top of the vehicle with body on.

10.3.1 Front foam bumpers are mandatory. The foam bumper must extend .5 inches (12.5mm) past the plastic bumper on all sides and a minimum of 1.4 ( 35mm) inches beyond the chassis plate. The minimum foam bumper height is 1.5 inches (40mm). Specifications: Item Limit Specification Width (at widest point of body, excluding mirrors) Maximum 16.59″
Ground clearance at normal ride height Minimum .236″
Weight (without fuel) Minimum 9.5 Kilos
Wheels Diameter Maximum 4.2″
Tires Diameter Maximum 5.35″
Width – Front 2.95″ Tire/Wheel
Assembly Width – Rear
Maximum 3.15″
Width Maximum Body width
Chord Maximum 3.35″
Side dam height Maximum 3.35″
Wing Side dam length Maximum 2.36

Source : ROAR

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