Ultimate World Cup 08 – Entries are Open

For the first time, ULTIMATE RACING and PILOTOS SIN FRONTERAS are organising the first ULTIMATE WORLD CUP 08, which is an international race of 1/8th GT (Rally Game).

The ULTIMATE WORLD CUP 08 will be held near Barcelona at the Rubi’s radio control club truck from 29th May to 1st June.

Many international drivers from different nationalities like Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain among others will attend this fantastic event. Top international drivers of this category like Fabio Boero, Michelle Baruzzi, Marc Ibars, Robert Batlle among others will compete with other drivers with less experience in an international competition.

This initiative pretend to show to the worldwide how spectacular is the Rally Game category (which denomination will change to 1/8th GT), and also pretend to set international rules for this new category in order to be recognized by international associations like EFRA and IFMAR. The EFRA and IFMAR president Mr. E. Dallas Mathiesen will be the referee of this first ULTIMATE WORLD CUP 08.

The organization will have the support of the Rubi’s council and some well-known international RC brands.


Entries to the ULTIMATE WORLD CUP 08 will be done by www.ultimateracing.es
The registration cost will be 40€ per driver if its done before 14-05-2008, or 50€ per driver if its done before 26-05-2008, which is the limit date for payments.

Bank transfer information

National transfers

Modelix Racing, S.L.
Banc Sabadellatalntico

International transfers

Modelix Racing S.L.
Banc Sabadellatlantico
IBAN ES960081-0058-80-0001173925

Entry limit is set at 80 drivers and the registration will be done after sending the payment.


Thursday 29th of May: Free untimed practice.
The track will be opened from 10:00 to 19:00.

Friday 30th of May: Free timed practice.
Each driver will have 4 heats of 15 minutes of which 5 minutes will be timed. The best times of each driver will be used to relocate in rounds.
The worse 40 timings will be relocated in next first 4 heats and the best 40 in the last 4 heats.

Saturday 31st of May: Qualifying.
All drivers will have 4 rounds of 5 minutes each. The best 2 rounds will compute and points rounds system will be used. The driver who takes the pole position will pass directly to the final.
At the end of qualifying rounds a new show called “Super Pole” will take place.
“Super Pole” is a new format where the 5 fastest drivers in qualifying, will race for 20 minutes. The winner will be the one with the best average of his 3 consecutives fastest laps.
The winner will pass also directly to the final.
In case of coincidence between the pole and super pole the second classified in super pole will pass directly to the final.

Sunday 1st of June: Lower finals and finals.
Lower finals: 20 minutes.
A main Final: 10 drivers and 45 minutes .The best 4 drivers of each semi-final will pass to the final with the one who’s got the pole and the super pole. The other drivers not classified for A final will race a 30 minutes and 12 drivers B final, and will take place before the A main final.
Finalists practice: All drivers into semi-finalists will have the chance to practice 10 minutes between ¼ final and semi-finals. The driver with the pole position will practice with semi-final A and the winner of super pole with semi-final B.

After the A main will be time for prizes and raffles.


Trophies for the first 10 drivers.
Trophy for the B final winner.
Trophy for the TQ.
Trophy for the Super Pole.


All drivers excepting the official sponsored ones will participate in the raffle.
The prizes will be a car, an engine, tyres, body shells, fuel, pit wear and other products from the different brands that will support this event.

Requirements to participate

The necessary requirements to participate in this event will be:

– Having participated in some regional or national championship the last two years.
– The organization will reserve 15 entries for special applications from the event’s sponsors.

For further information about directions, accommodation, services, rules, etc. please feel free to visit the web www.ultimateracing.es or phone to Modelix Racing +34 93 7419121 or Pilotos sin Fronteras +34 93 4764809.

Source : ultimateracing.es

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