K Factory – Sillicone Shock Oil

100% Pure Silicone
K Factory shock oils are made from 100% pure silicone oil with no additives or fillers to degrade performance. Unlike carbon based oils, silicone oil is non-flammable, temperature-stable and won’t attack your shock’s rubber o-rings or plastic parts.

Protecting the inner components and seals means your shocks won’t leak and thus render them ineffective. The K Factory shock oil stays in while keeping the enemy, air and dirt out.

Superior Quality
Viscosity (thickness) is what makes shock oil tunable for the driving conditions and demands of each individual race track. K Factory’s superior shock oils maintain viscosity even in hot weather when other oils may thin out.

The high quality you have come to expect from all of K Factory’s parts and equipment is built–in to our performance grade shock oils.

Clearly the Best
Each 2.5 oz bottle of K Factory’s shock oil is clearly labeled for easy selection, perfect for your touring, on-road or off-road vehicle. K Factory shock oils are available in 200 to 700 with 50 increment.

Source : K-Factory

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