Kyosho – Evolva M3 with Sirio S21 CL7R Engine

Available : July 2008.

Will be shown in The 47th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2008

Evolva that achieves marvelous three world championship ream supremacy evolves.
Ultimate combat power to which DNA at the velocity of the world is polished, raised, and Shirio S21 CL7R engine is attached. \ 17,000 of the arrangement with single goods is profitable.

2 “Evolva” series to achieve 07 years of 05 years and ’03 years’ 3rd straight victory in 1/8GP racing car world championship that is held every year, and assumed to be race of highest peak by R/C racing scene. It is “Evolva M3. ” to have evolved the performance that can be said the literally strongest running in the world. The setting part is installed in carefully and variegation, the design that gives room is done to each width of the adjustment, it competes in a wide area, and the ability to win is acquired surely. “Evolva M3” that can show one’s true ability truly at actual combat of no choice of circuit and hanging of pressure. In addition, it was attached so that the expert might win from the beginning. the engine chosen “Sirio S21CL7R engine”The combat power of the world highest peak where the latest racing technology and the latest engine were turned on without regrettably offers the road to the glory to you who swears victory.

Pliant and actualizing high maneuverability with narrow conversion and the chassis design which assures the short circuit conversion of the front and back overhang.

The width of the front of the scrub adjustment is 2mm and is expanded from a past 1mm. Fine seasoning can be done, and the steering wheel characteristic of the favor can be set.

Ackermann equipping the adjustment possible servo saber at 5 stages. It is possible to pull out the steering wheel quality which is adjusted to course layout.

The high efficiency where the aero forum bumper where the rear section rises shows high rigidity, in addition holds down also the interference of the road surface, down fourth catches form.

The fuel tank of the cap form to which because fast oil supply is actualized, the finger temporary is good, is easy to open. You adopt the O ring gasket, also secure airtightness characteristic actualizes.

With exchange of partial core cam height of wheel shaft front and rear at 3 stages of plus minus 0.5mm adjustment possibility. Roll center – fine control is possible.

Features :

  • Short circuit, middle, rear upper arm of long 3 types selective possibility.
  • With exchange of the bush Evolva adopting the front upper suspension mount which can choose each type of 2003 and 2005.
  • With the new design 2 speed clutch and 2nd gear spur gears which adopt the high-tension steel ring, actualizing smooth shift rise.
  • In order that it corresponds to the colorful engine, adopting the flywheel of 4 pin types.
  • The carbon plate to the main chassis front section (option) installing and the carbon battery & the plate (option), サイドステフナー (option) by use, adjustment of chassis rigidity is possible.
  • Adopting the brake pad of Acre Type which shows powerful stopping power & the rotor of APP type.
  • Using the battery for the receiver of the same size as V-ONE RRR.
  • The carbon front body mount and aluminum middle block, the front and back universal shaft the former option part that way enabled.
  • As for the rear adjustable stabilizer, the mount which does not have abnormal play by the fact that the bearing it supports the former option part is possible.
  • Ray down mount of throttle servo selective possibility. (The option part is needed)
  • Until recently is only the front the wheel based adjustment where even with the rear possibly. Approximately together in the range of 6mm the wheel base adjustment possibility.
  • With the rear suspension holder of 3 types of attachment, roll center the rear – at 3 stages adjustment possibility. Corresponding to various setting, actualizing setting degree of freedom.
  • Adopting the structure where the rear hub supports the base of the rear body mount. Being selection possible from length of 4 types, it contributes to the improvement of the steering wheel response in the medium or high speed limits.

SIRIO S21 CL7R Engine

Achieving ultimate high efficiency inhalation and exhalation of air, the entire area torr key.
Furthermore the sharp response actualizing the good quality of coming out with further friction decrease.
It is the engine which was developed just because of the driver where we would like to obtain the efficiency which wins with measure race.

Chassis technical data

Total length 428mm
Full-width 263mm
Total height 130mm
Gland clearance 8mm
Wheel base 228 – 294mm
Tread (F/R) 217mm/203mm
Tire (F/R) Φ 69×36mm/Φ 76×60mm
Gear ratio 7.35/5.40: 1
Gross load Approximately 2,450g
Engine Sirio S21 CL7R engine attaching

Source : Kyosho

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