Kyosho – Inferno ST-RR with Sirio S21 BK Evo4 Engine

Available : July 2008.

Will be shown in The 47th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2008

Running of fit system Racing Tiger Ghee to the designation “of RR”,
With standard equipment of Sirio Engine, further speed was learned!
Rather than arranging with the single item, \ as many as 5,500 profit!

Racing boundary highest peak brand “Sirio S21 BK Evo.4 engine”, actualizes the running of wonder. Standard equipment because DNA of the champion of the world machine breathes and opens true capability “of inferring no ST-RR”, to all drivers was actualized. Running the whole distance power of the stadium track/truck and racing efficiency of the buggy were made to unite in “Tiger Ghee” race, more powerful power source the key of victory. As for the combat power which is acquired with the various brushups which administer long wheel based conversion at ST-R ratio, start in equipment of the big bore damper, with loading Sirio Engine arrival to further dimension. Forcibleness of the startup torque which starts low from the limits actualizes handiness in all the speed limits. Furthermore not only simply fast, it acquires also efficiency and the preeminent durability which can maintain the speed over long haul. Furthermore not only the circuit, even with the familiar rough road capability showing. The uncultivated land the happiness び which runs dynamically and comes out is extraordinary. Please enjoy Tiger ghee performance only of Sirio Engine, by all means.

The main chassis which the wheel base to 25mm long is converted adopting the long torque rod at ST-R ratio. To optimize also balance station, preeminent handling efficiency.

Mighty torque and linear the response, attachment the Sirio S21 BK Evo.4 engine & the muffler and the manifold which are optimum to the off load run whose change of load is extreme.

Approximately adopting the lightweight universal swing shaft for 6 left and right and center front and back. Approximately just with light weight conversion of ST-R ratio 28g. Actualizing high maneuverability.

Holding down total height, it decreases the front reflecting surface substantially, designing the low height body which decreases aerodynamic drag. Generating powerful down fourth in the aerodynamic design which is superior.

The long wing stay which promises a more certain down fourth to around the rear axle. Coupled with the private body, showing the preeminent aerodynamic effect.

The wide wheel hub and secure tire fixing and the maintenance characteristic which tread 18mm are expanded adopting the nylon resin one somatotype wheel nut which is compatible at ST-R ratio.

Features :

  • The shaft drive 4WD machine which designates inferring no MP777 as the parent.
  • Light weight conversion high rigidity, actualizing high intensity with complicated milling and hard alumite processing.
  • The final gear & the diff. pinion gear of spiral gear adoption to modify the material, durability furthermore improvement.
  • Big bore damper of elbowroom quantitative setting possibly. Protecting the sliding section with the bellows type dust boots.
  • It starts shaving, the suspension plate & the steering wheel plate.
  • Polycarbonate make clear body.

SIRIO S21 BK Evo4 Engine

Chassis technical data

Total length 575mm
Full-width 428mm
Total height 210mm
Gland clearance 50mm
Wheel base 373 – 378mm
Tread (F/R) 353/353mm
Tire (F/R) (Selling separately)
Gear ratio 16.54 : 1
Gross load Approximately 4,300g
Engine Sirio S21 BK Evo.4

Source : Kyosho

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