Kyosho – MFR Readyset

The New Kyosho – MFR Readyset

Available : July 2008

Will be shown in The 47th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2008

It runs the super-lightly extremely lightly. It flies. Moreover, it is strong that clears 2m fall test.
A full function of an electric new QRC mission + starter with 4WD+2 velocity A/T + back in the Readyset.

Marvelous running that changes off-road into sports field that dances in chest. All of a marvelous light high rigidity and strength are achieved in high levels with a special chassis of new development and triple the floor structure though it is the maximum in 1/10 classes size. In addition, low center of gravity and deep Sasstororc were made to be united. The aspect is waited for ..wide tread that can be achieved only with the Big tire machine.. almost, and the running power that exactly exceeds the imagination is announced with the dimension of a wheelbase and few overhangs Square. Moreover, the drive train is equipped with two velocities A/T, and “New QRC mission” that strength increases, too is developed newly. There is no stress from strong 0 start acceleration to relaxed maximum speed, it runs, and the backing running is easily possible by 3ch switch operation of the transmitter in addition to the stoutness not defeated at an unexpected kickback. Posture is straightened as if there were immediately after landing in the jump spot nor what, and externals in which the acceleration to terrific is shown are the power of the brute that controlled the wilderness. Moreover, it made it to the lady set that was able to enjoy these performances at once. The engine start is also easy because it equips it with an electric starter. It is possible to run only to set of the alkaline battery (optional) and the fuel (optional) at once after it buys it. The excitement like unbelievable starts by “MFR”.

The triple (three layers) floor chassis that boasts of high strength that endures the fall test from lightening, a high rigidity, and 2m is newly developed. Lightness of about 3,270g of threat in whole Sonawa weight. running preeminence monster track it

Low the lower floor the diff., guarding the shaft and steering wheel servo center of gravity in addition to the compatibility in deep suspension stroke.

1/10 class largest aerodynamic volume displacement classes (this corporation ratio) loading the GXR18 engine. The large-sized head, equipping the torque type tuned type muffler, showing high power.

With 2nd gear A/T which utilize the torque band, actualizing the extension and kana acceleration. Furthermore back travelling is possible with transmitter operation. With aluminum die-cast make gear adoption, new development the new QRC mission which becomes stronger.

Equipping the sufficient touch starter which presses the starter battery. With stabilization circuit built-in, promising secure plug electrification.

The kickback tolerance of a light steering wheel and safety that doesn’t seem to be the Big tire brought close to 0 scrub is achieved to the utmost limit. A popular plating wheel is equipped normally.

The Big boa oil damper is equipped normally. The diaphragm is built into, the influence of the capacity change according to the stroke is excluded, and a certain effect of attenuation is demonstrated.

Features :

  • A special chassis of central shaft drive 4WD to boast of powerful running power is newly developed.
  • Readyset that everything has been completed. Coloring is completed by the print body, too.
  • It is a digital all servo specification of KS-3DS and preeminent manoeuverability for high torque type KS-302DS and others for the steering wheel.
  • A strong new QRC mission to be able to do the backing running by 3ch switch is newly developed.
  • A neutral position for safety is installed in 3ch switch of the transmitter, and the machine dashing out when the engine starts is prevented.
  • It is central shaft drive 4WD to which the back and forth is almost distributed by equal length and obedient manoeuverability.
  • High strength and the rigidity are acquired by the bulk head before and after placing with upper and lower Sabshashe and crowding.
  • New Defgiyayunit before and after increasing durability considering even the bearing support point of the input shaft. Two bevel type of strong metallic cutting processing helical type gear adoption.
  • Excellent maintenance to which detaching such as mechanism box, mission, engines, and Sasshaft can be resolved by minimum.
  • It equips it with the mechanism box in which it contributes to dustproof and whole rigidities such as receivers and the battery boxes.
  • The knuckle, Damparsta, the gear box, and the damper in addition to Sasarm are assumed to be a back and forth common, and even maintenance and the misappropriation of the spare are considered.
  • The stabilization circuit is built in, the easy engine start was enabled by a steady plug energizing, and it equips it with the new touch starter unit.
  • It is possible to run for long time of about eight minutes or more in the fuel tank of 103cc capacity for 18 engines.

ReadySet Content

* Settlement factory completion chassis equipped with 3ch3 servo R/C unit
* Factory completion print body that has pasted the main decal
* Parfeccs KT-10 transmitter
* 7.2V Nicadobattere for touch starter
* Charger
* Fuel pump
* Cross wrench
* Four hex-head wrench sizes
* Note) 12 AA alkali dry batteries for the fuel and the receiver of ..
sending.. / are optionals.

Specification :

  • The total length 505.5mm
  • The width 418mm
  • The total height 230mm
  • Grand clearance 63mm
  • Wheelbase 347.5mm
  • Tread(F/R) 338mm / 338mm
  • Tire(F/R) Φ145×80mm / Φ145×80mm
  • Gear ratio : Advancement 24.3:1 (one velocity) advancement 15.6:1 (two velocities)/ junior 28.0:
  • 1 (one velocity)/ /junior (two velocities) 17.9:1 whole Sonawa
  • about 3,270g in weight

Source : Kyosho

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