Kyosho – V-ONE RRR Evo.2

Available : July 2008.

Will be shown in The 47th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2008

Evolution shape of champion of the world machine furthermore maturing.
Gentle maneuverability brought, send high level balance of easiness and speed!

With 1/10 GP touring car world championship 2004 it shines in the first champion, TQ & acquiring quasi- victory in 2006 continues. Speed of such a worldwide highest peak, achieved further maturing. Learn suppleness and operation stability in the evolution model of the previous production, send improvement cheapness. Pull out the performance of the high power engine, it backs up the driver in the stability which is superior without the excessiveness. Quite, like whether the arm rose of, the gentle maneuverability which can be thought is announced. Measure please stare the world, verify suitable speed and strength, by all means to grasping victory in the conference.

It evolved the world championship victory machine Evo. The belt drive 4WD chassis which adds further maturing to the model.

Acquiring pliant following characteristic with the new main chassis which adopts the front section present appearance due to narrow conversion and private form positively.

New development the main chassis which gives private form to the duralmin 7075 T6 material which shows toughness and suppleness.

The upper plate where it shaved the surplus fat and dropped, took a second look the material and form. With spirit 悍 image, acquiring the maneuverability where in high-speed course is superior.

Speed change feeling improvement achieving rapid maintenance cycle with 2 speed clutch shoes and the steel ring specification 2nd gear spur gear for EVOLVA M3.

With the adoption of the 3.0mm thick rear damper stay of new form, at the time in suspension stroke substantial improvement the high rigid impression and resistance crash characteristic.

Suitably to a high-end model and Heccstaip that can improve the assembly rigidity is adopted for the machine screw.

From adopting zero offset wheels which can do to give geometry of long-arm setting to the rear suspension.


  • The mechanic plate which can give the gauge function of the left and right position of a vessel’s helm by meat pulling out form and angle.
  • Upper arm pivot from 5 places selective possibility. From the setting which decreases camber rate of change is possible.
  • The brake rotor of the both sides grinding finish, promising preeminent damping force and the highest braking feeling with adoption of the teflon brake pad.
  • With the adoption and the like of the aluminum brake hub from opening to goal the damping force which does not change.
  • Drive system of the gear and the main shaft etc. which are proud of the durability which is superior.
  • With inside diameter 13 Φ damper springs setting degree of freedom improvement.

EVO.2 Equip :

– Duralmin 7075 T6 material main chassis
– The adjustable type servo saber for EVOLVA M3
– 2D clutch & grey shoe
– 2 speed clutch shoes and steel ring specification 2nd gear spur gear for EVOLVA M3
– New form 3.0mm thick rear damper stay
– Zero offset wheels
– Capital trade original hexagonal driver (2.0mm) attaching

Chassis technical data

Total length 385.5mm
Full-width 200mm
Total height 104.5mm
Gland clearance 6mm
Wheel base 260mm
Tread (F/R) 174mm/170mm
Tire (F/R) Φ 61×26mm/Φ 63×30mm
Gear ratio 7.63 / 5.33: 1
Gross load Approximately 1,750g
Engine Each company 12 class (selling separately)
Propo 2 ch2 servo

Source : Kyosho

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