Active Hobby – Lancia Stratos HF Body for A210SS

LINEUP OF NEXT BODIES, COMING AUGUST2008 (Images of proto type)
1st model / lightweight sports: A210SS equipped with Exige body.
Next plan wanted to model European lightweight sports, too.
And it is LANCIA STRATOS HF of Italian Made to have been decided.
Release in August, 2008.

Introduce prototype in progress with the explanation of the true car now here.
STRATOS of Bertone design announced in 1970’s was developed as a machine to win in WRC.
Full length 3,7m & overall width 1,75m, the wheelbase are extremely short.
Design that attached great importance to exercise performance in a low center of gravity.
Overhang of F&R is extremely short, too,
This model right made its debut as a cornering machine and left many high grades.

As for STRATOS of the true car to image, Best matches the dimension of the MINI chassis.
As for the low center of gravity and the design that attached great importance to exercise performance, an A210SS chassis and a common concept are indicated.

The prototype of the image was made this month to manage with Nagoya for a held MINI event.
Shape around the front nose and overall width adjustment, each department deformation revision are performed from now on. Also particular about attached HF decare and Side mirror and headlight/tail Cup/muffler too.

I think that, as it were, can reproduce it when both form of STRATOS which some full length have a short can line up in comparison with true car Exige.
Think that STRATOS is a hot car model left in the memory of the early childhood of the user of 40 generations.

Source : Active Hobby

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