1/10 PureTen GP 4WD V-ONE SIII

Available : Jul, 2008

Proven chassis is now even more durable and maintenance friendly.
Aerodynamic body increases race competitiveness.
Set to make a big impact in the KYOSHO CUP!

From beginners to experts, the hard-earned reputation of the V-ONE SIII is set to grow in stature with its next evolutionary step. The Evo. maintains the driver-friendly belt driven 4WD that has made this machine the first choice for drivers from debut to the top of the podium. Low center of gravity from the low and wide design is matched with the suspension of the World Champion V-ONE RRR and the high power of the GXR15 engine with 2-speed A/T. The user-friendly GXR15 engine is fitted with a recoil starter for simple engine starting. Many unique design features have taken the racing performance of this machine to a new level to earn the title Evo., which complies with the new KYOSHO CUP rules effective in 2008. For a relatively low cost you can drive for pure enjoyment or taste the excitement motor sport in the chase for racing glory.

  • New chassis shape makes spur gear replacement faster and easier for improved maintenance characteristics.
  • Long swing shafts on front provide a more secure design for drive shafts.
  • Strengthened main shaft dramatically reduces the chance of gear trouble.
  • Revised throttle linkage lever angle realizes a linear control feel.
  • Fuel tank and specially shaped cap ensures stable fuel flow.
  • Equipped with strengthened servo horn with thicker serrated section.
  • Dial adjustable oil shocks enable precision chassis height adjustment.

Comprehensively designed to deliver a low center of gravity, including the radio plate. Produces excellent on-road agility.

Maintenance-friendly chassis layout and design prove ideal under racing pressure such as fast spur gear replacement.

Designed with optimal material composition to realize the ideal mix of flexibility and rigidity for maximum suspension effectiveness.

Neutral steering characteristics produce balanced steering control with wide scope for setting adjustments.

Dial adjustable oil shocks enable precision chassis height adjustment.

Strengthened radio box hatch increases durability.

Comprehensive throttle control design including the angle of the throttle linkage lever produces a linear control feel.

Include 2 decal set MOTUL version & XANAVI Version

Chassis Technical Data

Length 440mm
Width 200mm
Height 115mm
Ground Clearance 8mm
Wheelbase 260mm
Tread (F/R) 176mm
Tire(F/R) Φ 64×24mm
Gear Ratio 8.13 / 5.6:1
Weight 1,850g (approx.)
Engine GXR15

Source : Kyosho

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