XB808 Wins Trophy Race in Viseu

Race report by Ricardo Monteiro
This car is “AMAZING.” I tested it in a race near Viseu. it was the first race of the Trophy Race, and was attended by 39 drivers. The weather was very hot (almost 30°C) and the track was very slippery in several places.

In the 1st round I was able to drive smoothly and that guaranteed me 1st place in the first round. My time was 10 laps in 5.23.94. For the 2nd round I made a bad choice by trying other tires. Knowing that I had to make a good heat I gave my best shot and with that I was able to get TQ.

In the final I drove smoothly and smartly without mistakes, putting me at the lead of the pack. Despite the fact that the engine flamed out twice I was able to hold on to the lead and won by 1 lap.

I love the car because it is very easy to drive, letting me have fun driving on the ground and off the ground.

Best Regards
Ricardo Monteiro

Source : XRAY

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