Kyosho – MFR Monster Truck Readyset New Picture

The New Kyosho – MFR Monster Truck Readyset

Available : July 2008

Will be shown in The 47th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2008

** UPDATED English Version **

Run light and fast! Get airborne! Built to last!!
Feature-packed with 4WD + 2-speed A/T + New QRC transmission + electronic starter in a Readyset package!

Experience the breathtaking performance that transforms any open space into an off-road battleground. A newly developed triple-floor structure realizes amazing strength and rigidity in the largest 1/10 class machine that successfully delivers both a low center of gravity and deep stroke suspension. The wide tread unique to big tire machines results in an almost square wheelbase which combines with minimal overhang dimensions to produce devastating running performance. The drivetrain is equipped with two-speed automatic transmission and a strengthened New QRC transmission. Feel the machine’s blistering acceleration as it launches from a standing start and smoothly reaches its maximum speed and takes any kickbacks from the surface in its stride while the 3rd channel switch on the transmitter shifts the machine easily into reverse. Optimal balance corrects the posture as it hits the ground on jump landings without skipping a beat and delivers sharp acceleration. This ultimate combination of power and performance is delivered in a Readyset package so you can unleash the beast straight out of the box. An electronic starter makes engine starting easy so simply add batteries (sold separately) and fuel (sold separately) to get going. The heart thumping excitement of wild off-road racing starts right here with the “MFR”!

Newly designed triple-floor chassis delivers lightweight, rigidity and the strength to endure a 2 meter drop test without a scratch. Intimidating monster truck performance that weighs in at only 3,270g!

In addition to realizing both a low center of gravity and deep suspension stroke, the lower floor also protects the differential, shafts and steering servo.

Mounted with GXR18 engine for the largest displacement on a 1/10 class chassis (for Kyosho). Equipped with large head and torque-type tuned muffler to produce high power output.

2-speed A/T delivers smooth acceleration as it extracts power through the torque band. New QRC transmission with aluminum diecast gears for increased strength and durability shifts the machine into reverse with control input from the transmitter.

Equipped with Touch Starter that kicks the engine to life with a touch of the starter battery. Stable circuit promises reliable glow plug heating.

Almost zero scrub assists the nimble steering control and minimizes the effects of kick-backs from the big tires. Popular chrome wheels included as standard.

Big bore oil shocks are also included in the standard feature list. Built-in diaphragms eliminate changes in capacity with shock stroke for consistent damping effect.

Features :

  • Newly designed chassis boasts powerful performance from the center-shaft drive 4WD.
  • Fully assembled Readyset. Includes printed body complete with color scheme.
  • Features high-torque KS-302DS servo for steering and KS-3DS digital servos for other controls.
  • Equipped with newly developed strengthened New QRC transmission that shifts into reverse with the 3rd channel switch on the transmitter.
  • Almost symmetrically divided center shaft 4WD realizes control-friendly response.
  • Upper and lower sub-chassis structure incorporates the front and rear bulkheads for greater strength and rigidity.
  • New front and rear differential gear units feature additional support around the drive shaft bearings for increased durability. Includes two-bevel gears using tough machine cut helical gears.
  • Maintenance-friendly design enables easy removal and reassembly of radio box, transmission, engine and suspension shafts etc.
  • Equipped with dust proof radio box that not only protects the receiver and batteries etc. but also contributes to chassis rigidity.
  • In addition to the suspension arms, the knuckles, shock stays, gear boxes and shocks are interchangeable between front and rear for efficient maintenance and parts utilization.
  • New Touch Starter unit features safety circuit and delivers stable plug heating for easy engine starting.
  • Large capacity 103cc fuel tank supplies the 18-size engine to deliver run times of about 8 minutes.
  • Includes stylish chrome wheels as standard.

ReadySet Content

  • Factory assembled chassis with 3-channel, 3-servo R/C unit installed
  • Factory-finished printed body with stickers applied
  • PERFEX KT-10 Transmitter
  • 7.2V Ni-MH battery for Touch Starter(for Japanese market only)
  • Battery charger(for Japanese market only)
  • Fuel bottle
  • Cross wrench
  • Hexagon wrench 4-sizes
  • Note) Fuel and 12 x AA size batteries for R/C unit are sold separately.
Chassis Technical Data

Length 505.5mm
Width 418mm
Height 230mm
Ground Clearance 63mm
Wheelbase 347.5mm
Tread (F/R) 338mm / 338mm
Tire(F/R) Φ145×80mm / Φ145×80mm
Gear Ratio Forward (1) 24.33 : 1 / Forward (2) 15.88 : 1 Reverse (1) 28.02 : 1 Reverse (2)
Weight 3,270g(approx.)

Source : Kyosho

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