AMSCI Italian Championship

Sunday we ran the first trial of the AMSCI Italian Championship where we use EFRA regulations. This was my first experience with the XRAY T2’008 with rubber tires on asphalt, as in Italy we usually use foam tires.

1 Romagnoli Michele
2 Menicucci Alessio
3 Martini Francesco XRYAY T2’008
4 De Liguori Giuseppe XRYAY T2’008
5 Gennari Marco XRYAY T2’008
6 Feni Dario XRYAY T2’008

7 Sala Federico
8 Taddei Maurizio
9 Micheli Massimo XRYAY T2’008
10 Parravicini Carlo XRYAY T2’008

Source : XRAY

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