Mtroniks – Genesis PRO Sensorless Brushless Speed Control

The Genesis PRO is the big brother to the Genesis Sport Plus Brushless Speed Control. It has Forwards, Brake and Reverse control and was designed for use in 1/10 scale RC cars.

The Genesis PRO is a Forwards, Brake and Reverse Brushless Speed Control designed specifically for use in 1/10 scale RC cars. It is the big brother to the Genesis Sport Plus Speed Control with a lot more power!

The Genesis PRO has a 4.5 turn Brushless motor limit, this is a rough equivalent to a 9 turn Brushed motor making it suitable for use at competition level.

The Genesis PRO has all the same adjustable features as that of the Genesis Sport Plus, such as adjustable acceleration curves, user selectable battery type and cut off levels and the ability to turn reverse on or off. The added power that you get with the Genesis PRO enables you to use Sensorless Brushless motors up to 4.5 turns, this makes it ideal for use in 1/10 off road or 1/10 touring car applications where speed and smooth throttle control are essential.

The Genesis Brushless Speed Controls designed for use in RC cars are all 100% waterproof giving you that extra peace of mind when the heavens open!

The Genesis PRO also benefits from 5 years worth of research and design work carried out by the Mtroniks design team with help from the Mtroniks race team. What this has resulted in is a Sensorless Brushless Speed Control that works and feels just the same as a Brushed Speed Control, giving you absolute control over the throttle with very smooth acceleration,huge amounts of power off the starting grid and the added bonus of longer run times when compared to Brushed Speed Control equivalents!
Genesis PRO features:

  • Fully programmable battery selection, motor timing, acceleration, brakes and reverse, reverse disable
  • Smooth controlable acceleration
  • Huge power froma standing start
  • A ‘return to base’ software upgrade facility
  • Li-Po battery support for 2 to 4 cells
  • 4 to 7 cells NiCAD or NiMH
  • Automatic sensing of number of cells when using NiCAD or NiMH batteries
  • Current limit cut-off
  • 3A Hyper BEC
  • 3 Internal Schottky diodes
  • Auto cut-off computer
  • Dimensions:-52mmx35mmx15mm
  • Weight:-54g
  • 100% Waterproof

The Genesis PRO is capable of an average discharge rate of 75A and a peak discharge rate of 100A making it a very capable and attractive alternative to any modified Brushed set up.

The ‘return to base’ software upgrade enables the user to return their ESC to us to have the onboard software upgraded to the latest spec ensuring your ESC is never superceded!!(Software upgrade notices will be posted in the news section on when made available)

Source : Mtroniks

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