Neumann Reports – EC Warm Up, Crete

This year the European Championships will be held in Crete, Greece. The warm up for the big race was last weekend, 9-11 May, and I arrived at the track on Friday at 2 o´clock. All the top drivers where there and we started our practice testing a lot of different things like tires, wheels and diff & shock oils.

After that we were ready for the Qualifying on Saturday morning. It was 4 rounds of qualifying and I had a very good car and the performance from the engine was awesome, this allowed me to won the 4 rounds of Qualifying and in the overall result I was classified in 3rd position.

Then we changed the front shock oil, to test it in the Semi Final warm up. It was much better over the jumps and the laptimes are also a little bit faster. The Semi Final was 30-minutes and I was on a three stop strategy finishing 5th in my Semi to secure a place in the Main Final.

The Main Final was a rather long one hour affair. Very long time. The best 6 from each Semi Final bump up into the Main so 12 cars would start the big race. But after the 20-minute mark my throttle servo broke and I had to change this as quickly as possible to continue the race. I had no chance anymore and ended up finishing in 12th place. Despite this the car worked really well and I think we have a good car for the European Championships.

Monday we stayed on for some extra practice and we tested new parts for the engine which resulted in very good performance so on Monday evening we caught our flight home with a good feeling and looking forward to returning to Crete for the Euros in July.

Gruß Jörn

Source : Serpent

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