Tamiya Japan – TA05-IFS R Chassis Kit

Available May 24, 2008

The R specification which controls race

The TA05-IFS chassis which the front suspension to inboard is converted now has become main current of touring car race in addition to the drive efficiency which is due to isometric 2 belt drives and is superior. Equipping the OP part of 20 types or more in the TA05-IFS. Like the name of R it finished in the chassis kit in order to control race/lace. Making the chassis easy to be twisted, with the aluminum center plate of floating type improvement the steering wheel response. It made drive resistance decrease with the adoption of the 18T center pulley and the 37T pulley and private drive belt, raised also reliability. Furthermore, fully loading the know-how which is cultivated with high-end race/lace e.g., the part of pure racer TRF416 is installed in also the underside. The setting which is optimum to [tamiyaguranpuri] and the challenge cup was administered.

Main equipment part
●TA05-IFS R aluminum center plate
●TA05-IFS R drive belt (342mm)
●TRF special damper - Short reversible suspension arm
●TRF415 aluminum suspension mount (1B 1A 1XB 1D)
– The 46mm swing shaft assembly universal
– The 46mm lightweight rear swing shaft assembly universal
– Clamp type aluminum wheel hub (5mm thick)
●TA05 stabilizer (F R)

As for the aluminum center plate roll adjustment is possible in the center bis part. In addition, you adopt 37T for the pulley of 18T and front and back in the center pulley, adjust to the private drive belt and raise torque transmission efficiency.

Preparing the suspension mount which is deduced from the abundant encounter data. The software spring was combined to the TRF damper which black coat is done.

You use the carbon strengthening part for the various parts, adopting the short reversible suspension arm. Furthermore, the advanced part of TRF416 transferring such as front and back upright and 12 ball front and back diff. of 1050 bearing specification was loaded.

Basic specifications
– Chassis total length: 373mm (body not being included)
– Chassis full-width: 187mm
– Wheel base 257mm
– Tread: F161mm R158mm

Source : Tamiya

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