Team Orion – Vortex RACE BL Motors

After several years and countless championships won by Team Orion in brushless competition with the Vortex Generation one motors. Oscar Jansen has moved BL technology forward another step.
Get the maximum performance that powers world champions.

#ORI28125 Vortex 2008 Racing 2.5
#ORI28126 Vortex 2008 Racing 3.0
#ORI28127 Vortex 2008 Racing 3.5
#ORI28128 Vortex 2008 Racing 4.0
#ORI28129 Vortex 2008 Racing 4.5
#ORI28130 Vortex 2008 Racing 5.5
#ORI28131 Vortex 2008 Racing 6.5
#ORI28132 Vortex 2008 Racing 7.5

Orion Vortex STOCK BL Motors

The new STOCK BL range is heavily based on the new RACE motors designed by Oscar Jansen while still following all the new regulations for the BL stock classes!

#ORI28140 Vortex 2008 Stock 10.5
#ORI28141 Vortex 2008 Stock 13.5

Source : Mirage Racing

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