Just Hobby Nitro Challenge

The Just Hobby 1/10 Sedan Nitro Challenge was held on Sunday, May 11th with a total of 44 racers – and over 40% were XRAY NT1 drivers. XRAY has become the most popular car in Singapore.

All top drivers were present, making this a very competitive race. After 3 rounds of qualifying, NT1 drivers dominated… putting 7 XRAYs in the top 10 position and Top Qualifier going to XRAY driver Erwin Luhur.

Qualifying order:

1) Erwin Luhur – XRAY NT1
2) Nelson Lee
3) Barry Ng – XRAY NT1
4) Tom Goh – XRAY NT1
5) Glenn Phuah – XRAY NT1

6) Philip Lee
7) Jessie Wu – XRAY NT1
8) Leslie Baker – XRAY NT1
9) Don Ng – XRAY NT1

10) Zamil

Final results:
1) Nelson Lee
2) Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1
3) Glen Phuah XRAY NT1
4) Leslie Baker XRAY NT1

Source : XRAY

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