KO Propo – EX-5UR Ultra High Speed Response

2008 Shizuoka Hobby Show exhibit for this 2.4GHz SS 3ch transmitter

Schedule sales on 2008 Autumn

  • Three channel transmitter that adopted 2.4GHz advanced system.
  • It equips with the function at the senior model level though it is an entry model, and preeminent convenience is achieved by the liquid crystal panel and the display of the new feature. It is a birth of “It is easy to use it” Propo by “High performance” for which everyone hopes.
  • Ultra high-speed response equipment that improves reactive speed of steering wheel and throttle.
  • The same size as high-ranking model “KR-408S” is achieved. Micro receiver “KR-407S” standard equipment.
  • Latest semi-professional servo “PDS-2501ICS” is attached. (servo set model)
  • The set of the attachment is a lineup in the drift. popular high spec speed controller “VFS-2” and “VFS-FR”
  • Seven model memory

Function List :

– Monitor
– Trim
– Travel
– Balance L
– Balance R
– Speed
– Curve
– Subtrim
– Reverse 【 throttle system 】
– Monitor
– Trim
– High Point
– Brake
– Speed
– Curve (advancement side)
– Curve (brake side)
– Subtrim
– Reverse
– ABS 【 others 】
– 3ch setting
– Model name
– Model selection (Seven).
– Model copy
– Model reset
– Adjustment volume

– As for the design and the specification, it is the one while developing.
Change in the product.

Source : KO Propo

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