Ronny Lnenicka Wins Swiss Championship R1

The first round of the 1:10 electric touring car Swiss Championship was held on May 3-4 in Schaffhausen, and was attended by approximately 60 drivers in the Modified class. Free practice was held on Saturday under sunny skies and 20°C temperatures. Most of the drivers had problems with understeer, so we tested many different setups and found the correct one with gave more front traction. At night we felt elated.

Qualification began on Sunday morning and it was dominated by XRAY. Ronny Lnenicka won three qualification runs and TQ’d with his XRAY T2‘008. Ronny did not run the last qualification run (he did not need to) so he saved his tires for the final run. After fourth qualification run, Mario Rigert was 2nd and Sacha Lnenicka was 5th (he suffered electronics problems).

Qualification results:

1 Ronny Lnenicka XRAY T2’ 008
2 Mario Rigert XRAY T2‘ 008

3 Sven Zünd
4 Marc Bösiger
5 Sacha Lnenicka XRAY T2‘ 008
6 Philipp Huber
7 Daniel James
8 Khounmy Bui
9 Bastien De Marco
10 Lars Weisskopf

Ronny Lnenicka won the first final, leading from start-to-finish. In the second final, Ronny was leading but in the last turn Sven Zünd crashed into the back of Ronny’s car and the body jammed up; Ronny came in 2nd place so hunt was on for the overall winner. In the third final, Ronny Lnenicka won again with another start-to-finish run… making him the winner of first Swiss Championship race in 2008.

Final results:

1 Ronny Lnenicka XRAY T2’ 008
2 Sven Zünd
3 Philipp Huber
4 Marc Bösiger
5 Mario Rigert XRAY T2‘ 008
6 Khounmy Bui
7 Daniel James
8 Sacha Lnenicka XRAY T2‘ 008
9 Lars Weisskopf
10 Bastien De Marco

Ronny Lnenicka Winning Set-up sheet.

Mario Rigert Set-up sheet.

Source : XRAY

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