XB808 TQ’s Korean HongNor Championship

The HongNor Championship was held at RC World Raceway in Korea. Since the Korea Nitro Off-road National Championship would be held within only two weeks, not many Team XRAY drivers could participate in this race. Team XRAY driver DongGwan Kim participated in order to test his new LRP engine as well as new XRAY XB808.

It was DongGwan’s first race at the raceway, and there was not enough time to find a setup for the circuit so DongGwan followed the factory 808 setup. Being so, it was simply amazing that DongGwan absolutely dominated the race with his XB808 from the first qualifying round to the A-main final. DongGwan took TQ position with overwhelming performance of the XB808 in the first qualifying, and everyone was astonished with the XB808’s awesome performance.

The XB808 was the only one buggy which got 15 laps (which no one else achieved) and can could clear even the long & bumpy jumps.

Qualifying Results:
1. Dong Gwan Kim – XRAY XB808
2. Hyung Kyoo Youu
3. Ung Hook

For A-main final, DongGwan took the his place on the pole position and was ready to rock with XB808.

It was a 30min final, and HongNor Factory driver HyungKyoo was the main competitor. DongGwan and HyungKoo had great battles for 10 minutes. back and forth. first place changed as many as 16 times during 10 minutes. No one could not catch DongGwan, and he was one lap ahead of HyungKoo when the race passed the 25min mark. DongGwan’s XB808 was really flying until an air filter problem put him out of the race where he ended up in 4th place. However, everyone was shocked with 808’s overwhelming performance.

Final Results:
1. Hyung Kyoo Youu
2. Ung Kook Kim
3. Yong Joon Park
4. Dong Gwan Kim (TQ) – XRAY XB808

Dong Gwan Kim Set-up sheet.

Source : XRAY

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