XRAY Column #18 – 808 Tests & Stress

Recently we set another milestone with the successful release of the 808 project. It is Sunday evening and I am still in office doing a last minute inspection for finishing the 808 project… packaging and shipping the first batch of kits to urgently-awaiting customers. Now, after the project has been finished, I can take a quick look back and rest for a minute because starting tomorrow the next part of the lifecycle of this project will start and I will be back in the never-ending circle of working with this new baby… ongoing testing of new development ideas… designing and producing the optional performance parts which customers will want to better tune their cars… monitoring team performance in different conditions around the world… analyzing feedback, reports and comments not only from the team drivers but especially from customers in order to guide me in the directions needed to further develop the 808. Bringing the all-new car and platform to the world, the work does not really ever finish… it is just beginning of new and different work and challenges. This is what I like the best; to be at the tracks with the team and talking to customers…

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