Tamiya Japan – Rev Storm

While making exhaust noise echo, it is the completion engine RC track/truck which can enjoy dynamic off load travelling. As for the chassis which loads the [tamiya] FS-18FD engine of aerodynamic volume displacement 3.0cc, the high rigidity which combines the resin make upper deck to 2.5mm thick aluminum alloy make [rowadetsuki], shaft drive 4WD of double deck frame adoption. As for suspension the double wishbone 4 wheel independence which is superior in road-hugging. Standard it equipped also the oil damper which absorbs the shock from the road surface pliantly. As for the body and the rear wing the polycarbonate make whose strength is high lightly. Loading the 65cc fuel tank of the choke pump attachment, it can enjoy travelling of approximately 5 parts in 1 tanks.

Shaft 4WD and the TNS-T18 chassis adoption which utilize high power

The engine buggy chassis TNS-B15 whose reliability is high in the base, adopting the TNS-T18 chassis which [chiyun] is done for the one for racing track/truck. Equipping the stopper equipped strengthening engine mount stay and the strengthening propeller joint, etc actualizing strength rise. Clutch bell and diff. gear private part. Approximately the ball bearing was equipped inside upright. Furthermore, installing V pattern block tire of the diameter 110mm which builds in the inner sponge on 10 these spoke wheels of silver plating. Adjusting to the large diameter tire, you rationalized also gear ratio. Of course, standard it equips also the large diameter disk brake which shows powerful damping force. You set also the transmitter of the wheel trigger type which is suited for the operation of the car. Putting out from the box, if you insert the fuel, it can enjoy travelling directly.

FS-18FD engine loading

The [tamiya] FS-18FD engine of the aerodynamic volume displacement 3.0cc which produces big power starting easily is with the recoil starter attachment. The needle valve which adjusts the carburetor at the time of high revolution, low it equips also the slow needle which adjusts the carburetor with revolution, and the idling adjustment screw which adjusts the rpm of idling.

Basic specifications

– Total length =430mm - Full-width =295mm - Total height =162mm - Body weight =2131g (fuel not being included) - Wheel base =280mm - Also tread = front and back 245mm - Tire width/also diameter = front and back 50/110mm - Standard gear ratio =11.14: 1 - The frame material =2.5mm it consists thick aluminum make [rowadetsuki] and the resin make upper deck - Shaft drive full-time 4WD - Engine = [tamiya] FS-18FD (3.0cc) - Fuel tank =65cc

Source : Tamiya

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