Tamiya Japan – XB Fairlady Z Version Nismo (TT01 Type-E Chassis)

The spirit of black body where light illumination glows

In fair ready Z which loads 3.5 liter V type 6 cylinder engine which 2007 January, receives 2nd minor change and shows 313 horsepower, it is the completion electromotive radio control car of the version NISMO which joins as a top model of running. The aerodynamic forum which NISMO which takes charge of the NISSAN race/lace section finishes reality as for the body which it reappears fully, being lightweight, the polycarbonate make which is strong in the shock. The headlight 2 light (white), the tail lamp 2 light (the lead-lead) LED is installed and can enjoy light/write illumination. Of course, to assemble the body and be completed, also the transmitter of wheel type, the battery and the charger for travelling to be set, running is possible directly.

Controller bull shaft 4WD chassis, TT-01 TYPE-E adoption

As for chassis, TT-01 TYPE-E of vertical ranging motor [shiyahutodoraibu] 4WD. In the mainframe of bathtub type, equipping the upper deck and the gear cover of the fiberglass strengthening nylon resin, make it guaranteed high chassis rigidity. As for the steering system play to be little 3 division types of movement which is smooth. Low going hand in hand with the center of gravity good balance design and 4 wheel double wishbone suspension and the diff. gear etc which is equipped on front and back, the controller bull showing flight quality. In addition, both moving back and forth ESC and [tamiya] TEU-101BK whose smooth control is possible were loaded.

Basic specifications

– Total length 435mm, full-width 190mm and total height 140mm - Wheel base 257mm - Tire width/diameter also =FR 27/67mm - Frame = bathtub type - Drive system = vertical ranging motor [shiyahutodoraibuhurutaimu] 4WD - Also diff. gear = front and back 3 bevels - Steering wheel =3 divided tie rod system - Suspension =4 wheel double wishbone - Also damper = front and back friction - Gear ratio =8.35: 1 ●540 type motor attachments - [tamiya] TEU-101BK speed controller attachment & power source for transmitter (8 single 3 shape electric batteries) difference sale

Source : Tamiya

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