2008 Nitro Buggy Korea National Championship at Seoul

The 2008 Nitro Buggy Korea National Championship was held in Kyunggi-do, Seoul on May 17-18th, and it was well dominated by the new XRAY XB808 buggy taking the first Korea National title! Since it was the most precious title in Korea, all top Korean drivers (including each brands’ representative team drivers) participated in the race for the coveted title. Of course, all Team XRAY Korea drivers participated in the race. Although the XB808 buggy has only released 1 month ago, needless to say it was one of the most popular buggies in the National Championship.

There was a control practice and three qualifies on the first day. It was very good weather for the race. Most XRAY drivers had good runs for first day of qualifiers. Especially, it was Team XRAY driver DongWoo Nam who dominated the race during the control practice and qualifying. DongWoo had almost taken TQ position, but finally took 2nd position which secured his entry into the semi-final.

The weather was not great, but it was fine for us to race until the semi-final. For Team XRAY, five XRAY drivers (ChoongYeul Shin, DongKwan Kim, DongWoo Nam, Ryan Lee, WonSun Lee) would be included in the semi-final. However, the rain finally became heavy, and it was difficult for drivers to have good runs and many drivers had some technical problems. Of course, Team XRAY had the same problems. Especially DongWoo (who had really great runs from Qualifies) had very unlucky Propo problem which put him out of the A-main final.

For the A-main final, XRAY driver Ryan Lee was 3rd on the grid and ChoongYeul Shin was 4th on the grid. Ryan Lee dominated from the start, but he had a very unlucky engine stoppage problem which put him out of the race. However, it was ChoongYeul Shin with unbelievable driving who was showcasing the race. ChoongYeul Shin took over the 1st position and took the win with his remarkably-performing XB808. ChoongYeul took the first National Champion title with the new XRAY XB808.

The performance of the new XRAY XB808 buggy was really overwhelming and everyone was astonished by it.

Pro Class Final Results:
1. ChoongYeul Shin XRAY 808
2. SungMin Ahn
3. JongSeo Kim
4. Ryan Lee XRAY 808
5. IlYong Yun

Not only was the XB808 showcasing in the Pro Class, but also its performance was proving itself very well in the Sports Class. For XB808 drivers DongYeup Lee and KumBong Choi, the race was the first ever buggy race as well as the first ever buggy practice. Of course, they did not have much RC experience, but they had very fast runs with the XB808. Especially DongYeup Lee had unbelievable runs, taking 2nd place in the Final which put him on the podium for the National Championship.

Sports Class Final Results:
1. HyoSung Heo
2. DongSuk Myung
3. DongYeup Lee XRAY 808
4. KumBong Choi XRAY 808

5. TaeHee Lee

Source : XRAY

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