H.A.R.D. – JR Dual Mode ESC

Features :

  • Dual Mode
  • Auto-Sensing Circuitry
  • Quality Construction

Specifications :

  • Motor Limit : 19+ turns
  • Heat Overload : 85-90cX
  • Low Battery Alarm : 4.5v or less
  • Drive Frequency : 1 kHz
  • BEC : 5.0V/1A
  • Length : 36mm
  • Width : 36mm
  • Height : 27.5mm
  • Weight : 47.3g (including wires)

Speed without control might be exciting, but it won’t win any races. That’s why H.A.R.D. is putting speed and control in the same sentence with the new H6804 JR Dual Mode ESC with reverse.

The popularity of stock motor racing is phenomenal in the RC arena today. With car classes like Trans AM, RCGT, Oval and others, the stock motor is a must have in your RC arsenal. Stock motor racing is growing steadily because it focuses on driving ability at manageable speeds, allowing more RC enthusiasts at different experience levels to compete on the same platform… and its fun.

The H.A.R.D. Dual Mode ESC operates any 19+ turn (stock) motor and is perfect for this class of racing, giving you state-of-the-art engineering in a compact, ready to use package. Setup is easy and the Dual Modes with reverse give you total control of your speed configuration.

Dual Mode

The H6804 ESC has two setup modes:

· Gentle Mode with Yellow Indication Light (50% output)

· Fierce Mode with Red Indication Light (100% output)

The two modes allow you to “dial-in” your car for high speed or low speed racing, depending on your racing skill.

Gentle Mode

If you are a beginner and just learning how to race, use the Gentle Mode to give you a smooth, even throttle response with limited speed. This mode is good for children or those not experienced enough to handle high speed racing. It helps to keep you on the track and off the wall.

Fierce Mode

With the touch of a button you can go from Gentle Mode to Fierce Mode using the full potential of your stock motor at 100% power. This mode is for experienced racers who know how to navigate at high speeds and blow away the competition. The H6804 ESC is powerful and versatile, yet with low weight and a small footprint to allow easy mounting on your vehicle.

Auto-Sensing Circuitry

Our H.A.R.D. engineers built into the H6804 Dual Mode ESC automatic sensors to constantly monitor power flow to protect the ESC, battery and motor.

Low Battery Feature

Automatically cuts motor power when battery levels become too low.

Heat/Overload/Short Circuit Protection

Automatically cuts power to the ESC in the event of overheating, voltage overloads and accidental short circuiting.

Quality Construction

As with all H.A.R.D. products, durable construction and high quality materials come standard on the H6084 Dual Mode ESC. Its unique design sets it apart from every other ESC out there.

The high impact outer casing protects the inner components and has three optional switch mount locations. Motor and receiver connectors are gold plated for optimal conductivity.

So if you want the ultimate stock motor ESC, pickup the H6084 JR Dual Mode ESC with reverse. The precision and quality you will find at such an affordable price simply can’t be beat. Leading the competition in controlling speed has never been so easy… that’s because it’s H.A.R.D.


  • One H.A.R.D. JR Dual Mode ESC (w/reverse)
  • Futaba J Receiver Connector
  • Standard Type Battery Connector
  • ON/OFF Switch

Source : H.A.R.D.

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