HPI Baja Challenge Slovenia under way

The HPI BAJA CHALLENGE SLOVENIJA 2008 has started on the new Off-road track in Ljubljana. The track is specialy designed for the HPI BAJA cars with all the elements where the car can show its full performance. On the total length of 400m we have a 50m strait, a nice technical part with different curves and some high speed curves. The HPI BAJA cars have been dominating the Slovenian Off-road scene since 2006, when the car was first introduced. All the top drivers in Slovenija are using Baja cars, so usually more than 80% of the racers are using the HPI BAJA in the National championship races.

The Slovenian HPI BAJA CHALLENGE is currently the biggest and the fastest growing off-road competition series in the country, so we can offer the highest level of competition to our drivers. In the next race we will also have some competitors from Croatia, so we are also entering the international level.

Complete results have been posted on the Mantua Models website, just click here!

For pictures from the races, just click here for great action shots and podium pictures of the winners!

Source : HPI

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  1. twisty says:

    This is great news.
    I hope to meet some of you in Spain for the Grand final.
    Have some big scale fun,
    Kindest regards
    twisty (UK Baja racer)

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