Aixal Racing – AX10 Scorpion ARTR


  • Pre-built version of the award winning AX10 Scorpion Kit. Includes all the aluminum links in anodized orange
  • Pre-printed orange XC-1 Body that was specifically designed for competition rock crawling – meets 2.2 class rules.
  • Pro-Line M2 Hammers tires are designed to resist side-wall tire rollover and utilizes a super soft M2 compound. Pro-Line Memory Foams allow for greater tire flex, added stability, larger contact patch, and less bounce action.
  • Rear axle lockouts prevent hang-ups on the rear axle.
  • Heavy duty sintered lockers front and rear
  • High clearance lower links installed on the rear to prevent hang-ups on the rocks.
  • Matte chrome 8 hole beadlocks with orange rock rings. Re-use your wheel. No messy glue required.


  • Complete competition ready kit
  • All new axles that feature an improved driveshaft angle and castor as well as class leading steering throw
  • Aluminum Chassis plates with a molded nylon skid plate
  • Ultra compact and lightweight transmission
  • Full time locked four wheel drive
  • Full Ball bearings
  • Overall gear ratio range from 15:1 to 74:1
  • Transmission: 2.6:1; center mounted
  • Differentials: Locked style (spool)
  • Transmission: Single-speed
  • Tires: Pro-Line M2 Hammerâ„¢
  • Wheels: Axial 2.2 8 Hole Beadlocks
  • Suspension: 3 Link
  • Drive Shafts: Universal front and rear


  • Wheelbase: 304mm~320mm (12”~12.6”)
  • Width: 254mm (10”)
  • Height: 156mm (6.125”)
  • Weight: 1588g (3.5 lbs)
  • Articulation: 70°
  • Ground Clearance: 79mm (3.125”)

Source : Axial Racing

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