Much More – LiPo Cell Balancer

Available with Silent charger series and other Li-po chargers.

MuchMore’s exclusive balancing program provides +30% quicker balancing time than current balancer in the market.

The MuchMore LiPo Cell Balancer is designed to regulate the voltages of all cells in a lithium-polymer (LiPo) pack to very tight tolerances during charge and discharge functions. As opposed to non-balanced packs, balanced LiPo’s typically provide higher total voltage, which means more power to the motor system. In addition, balanced LiPo packs generally last longer as no individual cell ever becomes over-charged, which is a big reason why some LiPo’s perform inadequately. A good balancing system also provides a very safe charging and discharging platform, which is critical when handling LiPo batteries.

Cell Balancer is designed to balance LiPo packs containing anywhere from 2 to 6 cells which are assembled in series. Cell Balancer will keep the voltages of all cells in the pack within 20mV (0.02V) of each other at all times.

Compatible Input Devices: LiPo chargers and dischargers ONLY
(operation based on nominal cell voltage of 3.7V per cell)
Cell Balancing Range: 2-series to 6-series LiPo packs(7.4 – 22.2V)
Max. Current (chg or dsch): 6 amps
Discharge Termination: individual cell voltages 2.90V per cell
Discharge Current: 140mA per cell (Auto-Balance Mode)
Physical Dimensions: 125 x 46.5 x28mm
Weight: 101g(w/Multi Adapter)

Source : Much More

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