Moscow Off-road Challenge Round 3

Round 3 of the Moscow Off-road Challenge for beginner drivers was held in Moscow, with only first and second year racers without national titles allowed to participate in the event. The format of this race differed from usual 1/8 off-road competition in that there were three 5-min qualification rounds and three 10-min final rounds. Though only beginners participated, all races were very exciting. Drivers improved their skills and some of them were ready for serious races.

Team XRAY showed great results in these races. XRAY drivers Alexander Monkin and Konstantin Churilov dominated in qualification and finals. They are really very talented and perspective drivers, shocking everyone with fantastic lap times and stability. It’s important to note that about 30 drivers participated in buggy class and the results of Team XRAY demonstrated the great performance of the XB8.

The results for final rounds below:

1. Alexander, Monkin (XRAY XB8EC)
2. Konstantin, Churilov (XRAY XB8EC)

3. Viktor, Akkuratov
4. Michael, Solomahin
5. Kirill, Popov

Source : XRAY

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