Robitronic Spezial Offroad Starter Box

“Perfect Start
specifically for buggies & Truggys …!”

To narrow, too short, simply not enough power for potent nitro engines…?

Nervige problems when you start your buggy 1:8 or Truggys…?

This is now final!

The new Robitronic special box was consistent starter for the requirements of off-road category Nitro is designed and produced high-quality form. The MONSTER starter Box in the Starter boxes! No more sore fingers to Seilzugstartern, durchrutschenden free runs within various e-start systems and shaky, untermotorisierten starter boxes, which actually only reason for the filigree on-road use has been interpreted. Robitronic, the new starter Monster Box ready for you!

Not one, but two electric motors the size 775 transfer their power over an extra wide and thick belt to the best starter-sized flywheel. This Robitronic starter Box pulls through when it matters and the special rubber wheel of the starters are on hand to provide the best possible torque transfer to the engine flywheel.

Within the box are of course practical quick-change holders for two 7.2 V battery packs, so in addition to the compulsory external power supply via a 12V car battery also use a mobile nothing stands in the way.

Source : Robitronic

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