Team Magic – R8 1/8 Gas Onroad Concept Car Version 2

After constant tests, we have futher changed some designs to make the car more competitive and easier to drive.  Mainly the front end, fuel tank, chassis, radio plate and numurous small parts are revised.  Though it’s not ready for production yet, but you can easily tell the car is getting better and better each day.  Below you are find the new version of our 1/8 gas onroad car.

Source : Team Magic

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1 Response to Team Magic – R8 1/8 Gas Onroad Concept Car Version 2

  1. Noel says:

    Its about time the Team Magic is going back to the 1/8 gas circuit car game. I will be looking forward to their new 1/8 circuit on road car. I see that they have lots of new inovations on their up coming 1/8 model and that the other manufacturers might even follow suit.
    I have a discontinued GT Shock 1/8 on road circuit car an awesome car in its day. Team Magic’s new 1/8 onroad platform will be much anticipated.

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