47th Shizuoka Hobby Show – ABC Hobby

1/10 mini- chassis < [Genetic] > the DATSUN fair ready 240Z BRE edition kit

Available July 2008

Body ’01 super bodies for 1/10 electromotive touring car: Mitsubishi run sir evolution III’

Available : July 2008

1/10 mini- chassis < [Genetic] > HONDA [Ballade Sports] CR-X kit

Available Early June, 2008

Wheels for 1/10 mini- chassis

S mesh white item turn: 24193/black item turns: 24194
HS white item turn: 24190/black item turns: 24191
BRE white item turn: 24195/black item turns: 24196

Available July, 2008

ACM3 expert charger’
Three cutting systems and the cost performance model which loads discharge function


  • Input power source
  • AC100V-110V 50/60Hz
  • Charging current value
  • 0.5A-2.0A (with 0.5A mark setting possibility)
  • Discharge current value
  • 0.25A-0.5A (automatic setting)
  • Corresponding battery
  • Note is needed the [nikadobatsuteri]/nickel hydrogen battery 4 cell (4.8V) – 8 cells (9.6V) 600mAh-4500mAh (concerning the high capacity battery)
  • Cutting system
  • Delta peak automatic cutting (12 bits CPU)
  • Three types of charge time restriction and being full coulomb restriction
  • Size
  • W75mm x L119mm x H61mm 915g
  • Accessory
  • Conversion connector for electromotive cancer/gun battery

Silver Carbon Pattern Seal item turn

Mirror Seat Gold item turn

Available : Early June, 2008

The diffuser carbon specification for F103
Limitation production
A item turn: 69276
B item turn: 69277
C item turn: 69278

Source : ABC Hobby

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