Kawada – M300RSX Ver.2.0

Principal equipment
* Carbon make chassis, upper brace, damper brace and lower brace, pivot bridge
* brush less motor corresponding motor mount
* 1/4″ The carbon rear shaft
* the carbon suspension arm (the independent suspension) the upper arm mount of 4 types of
* 0°, 5°, 10° and 15° * [derurin] it starts shaving, the pivot ball
* φ6.5 bulk oil damper & the natural FRP make T bar & the carbon rear shaft
* high accuracy film gate wheel
* EMB battery mount & Battery bracket & large diameter diff. ring
* FRP antenna & servo saber
* full ball bearing

Technical Data :

Total length: 268mm
full-width: F/165mm R/167mm
tread: F/140mm R/129mm
wheelbase: At the time of 199mm
travelling gross load: 800g
diff. type: Ball diff.
drive type: Direct drive
suspension type: F/independent suspension R/ball connection type
F caster: Variable
chassis: Carbon FRP
motor: 540 types (selling separately)
bearing: Full ball bearing
motor mount: The duralmin it starts shaving
the tire: F/L rubber R/H rubber
Available : Mid June, 2008

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