Velocity Racing – IB3800VR-1X 08 – For Japan Market

IB3800VR-1X 08 World Spec 5cell and 6 cell

The IB3800VR-1X 08 series is an additional lineup in the VELOCITY RACING BATTERY series to
boast of a preeminent agility.
Having given birth as a high voltage cell that boasts of intellect strongest Co. in a domestic
limitation is IB3800VR-1X 08.
We will deliver ultimate power to which VELOCITY RACING that did not permit compromising
turned on the latest technology.

IB3800VR-1X 08 Type-Red 5cell and 6 cell

IB3800VR-1X 08 Type-Blue 5cell and 6 cell

IB3800VR-1X 08 Type-Blue 24cell

Source : Extreme

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