Team Orion – 7.4V 1500 LiPo Receiver Pack & 10A Regulator

7.4V – 1500 LiPo Receiver Pack

10A LiPo – Regulator

Lithium Polymer appears in the receiver packing.

The lithium Polymer specification is born in the receiver packing of ORION. 75g that is farther lighter than the receiver packing of the past is achieved. Now, the receiver battery is being attached to importance by saying that running will change in one battery by the engine car. The LiPo receiver packing of lightness and a large capacity prepared two kinds (LiPo-1500 and LiPO- 1700). The receiver that doesn’t correspond to 7.4V needs optional regulator 10A(ORI13100) for 7.4V specification.

Source : Team Orion

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