Bart Wubben reports on S400 1-2 at Dutch Nationals

On June 1st it was time for the second round of the Dutch EP National Championship at the technical track of the HFCC.

On Saturday I came to the track to do some practice, already from the first battery the car felt very stable and fast. With the traction increasing every run I decided to leave the setup as it was and focus on driving the track better. At the end of the day I felt pretty confident about the race since my S400 was handling very good.

So on Sunday it was race time.. I started the qualifiers with an old set of tyres from the first round and had some troubles with them also making some mistakes and so ended up doing not so well. My team mate Rob Jansen had a good run and put himself on the second spot with his S400.

In the second qualifier it rained a little bit so the track was a little damp in places.. I decided to use this round to run in my new tires. The run gave me almost TQ but this round was cancelled since not all heats were run in the same conditions.

So I had one more change to do well. My car handled very good in the 3rd qualifier and it gave me the TQ spot with about 6 second on Rob. In 3rd it was Kyosho driver Stafan Jansen and in the 4th position it was the S400 designer Rene Cornella.

In the opening Final I had a good start and with teammate Rob behind me I knew the nothing strange would happen at the start. We drove away from the rest of the field and Rob followed me very close till the end of the race.

The second final started good again, Rob followed me closely and after 3 laps I pulled away from him. Rene was now in 3rd chasing Rob and the pair of them had a nice battle till the end. So the last final it was a 1,2,3 for Serpent and overall I took the victory from Rob.

Dutch EP National Championship
Round 2, HFCC
Overall Result

1. Bart Wubben – Serpent S400
2. Rob Jansen – Serpent S400
3. Stafan Jansen

Source : Serpent

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