RC Planet Xenon Cup Malaysia

The RC Planet Xenon Cup 2008 (Malaysia) was on the June 1st weekend at the RC Planet SS19 Track. The layout for this competition was very technical with lots of chicanes and a single straight about 25m. Traction was low to medium with weather that was cloudy and sometimes shiny towardsthe late morning. Overall,the track condition was great for the competition.

A-Main Final results:
1. Jacky Siow
2. Norazam
3. Andre Tew XRAY T2’008
4. Nik Ahmad
5. Shahrin XRAY T2’008
6. Kah Loong
7. Jason Hee XRAY T2’008
8. Sani XRAY T2’008
9. Riad XRAY T2’008

10. Khoo

Full Report and Detail at XRAY

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