Australian Much More Masters 2008 at Sydney

Flash news: The location for the Much More Masters 2008 event was the brand new track in Sydney Australia, Sydney Model Autosports Inc.

Timothy Lee had saved his last set of new tyres for his final qualifying race but suffered the misfortune rain immediately before the start. This left the track saturated and caused a 90 minute delay. On resumption the grip levels were significantly reduced and the opportunity for an A Final qualifying time was lost. Timothy subsequently comfortably won the B Final with a time of 19 laps – 5min, 10.6 sec which earlier would have qualified him in the middle of the A Final.


ISTC Modified

TQ – Peter Jovanovic XRAY

1. Nicholson, Simon
2. Bakla, Ari
3. Jovanovic, Peter XRAY
4. Maker, Ryan XRAY

5. Vercoe, Bradd
6. Laughlin, Troy
7. Clark, Michael XRAY
8. Vergunst, Justin
9. Zarb, Damian
10. Zarb, Jake

ISTC Super Stock

1. Clark, Adam XRAY
2. Botton, Luc
3. Ellis, Peter
4. Ferguson, Matt
5. Hill, Scott
6. Smith, Paul
7. Charalambous, Chris XRAY
8. Wood, Ray XRAY

9. Marsh, Nick
10. Tomic, Paul

ISTC Stock

TQ – Ben Armstrong XRAY

1. Laughlin, Darren
2. Armstrong, Ben XRAY
3. Mount, Grant XRAY

4. Lloyd, Robbie
5. Silva, Cristian XRAY
6. Ishizaki, Hiroshi
7. Hodgson, Adam
8. Sobott, Darren XRAY
9. Middledorp, Simon

Source : XRAY

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