Tamiya Japan – TB Evolution 5 MS

Available : Jun 21, 2008

To new territory of shaft 4WD

The top model of the shaft drive 4WD chassis, TB evolution 5 accomplished further evolution. Lower upper you use the 2.5mm thick carbon deck together, move motor helicopter loading site to the front and raising looking back characteristic. In addition, it raised rigidity by the fact that the upper deck rear section is designated as another part of the aluminum make, improved also maintainability such as spur-gear exchange. Furthermore, adopting the know-how of TRF416 such as upright of 1050 bearing specification and steering system and aluminum suspension mount of center support type. To equip front one way and rear [borudehu], the aluminum diff. joint standard equipment. In addition, you install the front and back damper stay of the 3mm thick carbon and make, increase the hole and more finely setting has become possible. In addition to sharp turn in, the TB evolution 5 MS where degree of freedom of the line taking spread. The hard battle is thought, it can enjoy freely.

Aluminum make rear upper deck

Upper deck rear section divided system of aluminum make. Rigidity is raised, operating efficiency such as gear exchange is raised.

Steering wheel

The steering system of the center support type which adopts the know-how of TRF416. Also fine control of Ackermann’s is possible.


Approximately as for upright 1050 bearing specification which is similar to TRF416. You lighten abnormal play, correspond to high load.


Cutting motor cooling was administered to 2.5mm thick carbon make [rowadetsuki] which sets the rear somewhat widely.

Suspension mount

The aluminum suspension mount for TRF416 which increased the precision in toe angle equipment to front and back.

Front one way

At the time of advanced motor use and low the front one-way unit which shows the effect in the grip road surface standard equipment.

Main Equip Parts – Aluminum motor mount - Aluminum upper blurring chair - Aluminum spur holder - Aluminum steering wheel center mount - Aluminum steering wheel bridge - Aluminum steering post - Aluminum steering wheel spacer - Aluminum steering wheel arm - Center cup ●44mm swing shaft ●TRF special damper - One somatotype [arumirowabarukuhetsudo] - Aluminum upper bulkhead - Aluminum propeller shaft - Aluminum diff. joint - Short reversible suspension arm - Front and back stabilizer

Specification – Chassis total length: 364mm - Chassis full-width: 188mm - Wheel base: 257mm - Tread: Approximately also 160mm

Source : Tamiya

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