Team Orion – 10 AMP LiPo Voltage Regulator

Technical Data
Input: 2 cells LiPo; Output: 5,2-7,0 V / 10A

Very small and powerful voltage regulator for the receiver power supply from a zweizelligen LiPo battery. Alternatively, other battery types can be connected. The output voltage can be 5.2 to 7.0 V, in increments of 0.2 V, may be chosen. The maximum load capacity is 10A!

Setting the output voltage is on a jumper and an LED.

The voltage regulator is between battery and receiver eingeschleift, the connection is made via the proven JR servo plug system

• voltage regulator for electricity supply from recipient zweizelligem LiPo battery
• Optional can also NiMH batteries are connected
• selectable output voltage of 5,2-7,0 V (0.2 V increments)
• High resilience of 10A
• JR connector
• Recruitment of LED and jumper
• Stainless-made aluminium heatsink

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