Pro-Line – Helios for Traxxas

Get ready to bash and thrash with the ultimate in over the edge design, introducing the Helios body for T/E/2.5-MAXX ®, Savage, and Revo 2.5 ® Trucks.

The Helios body combines rugged styling with futuristic military-type looks to give your monster truck that tough look it’s been yearning for. Why go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new rig when all you need to do is spice it up a little bit. For under $30 street price, you can add a new look without breaking your pocket book. To make your money stretch as far as possible, the Helios comes complete with window masks, a detail decal kit, paint-then-peel protective film for easy painting, and the thickest in the industry .060 lexan for hours of bashing performance.

When you’re looking to outfit your monster truck with something a little more unique, then check out the Helios body by Pro-Line.

Features :

·Made with Genuine GE 0.60 lexan
·Paint on the outside for that flat, military look
·Details, details, details
·Decal sheet, window masks included, Paint-then-Peel overspray film

Source : Proline

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