Sao Paulo EP Stock Championship Santo Andre Round 4

Team Serpent Brazil EP drivers Thiago “Poldo” Podolsky and Felipe Franceschi finished off the Sao Paulo EP Stock Championship in great style as they dominated with their Serpent S400s to claim a 1-2 result.

Racing at Santo Andre last Saturday the pairing were untouchable topping all four rounds of heats. Poldo won three heats and secured the TQ while and Felipe won the final qualifier and set the fastest lap of the entire qualifying to secure P2 on the grid for the finals.

Using the new Serpent Aramide belts both drivers had trouble free runs in the finals to secure a 1-2 result for Team Serpent Brazil. Also in the A Final for Serpent were Criscareca Carpinelli and Joao Helio who finished 5th and 8th respectively.

In the overall standings Felipe became the Vice Champion while Poldo secured third.

Sao Paulo EP Stock Championship
Santo Andre, Round 4
Overall Result

1. Thiago Podolsky – Serpent S400
2. Felipe Franceschi – Serpent S400
3. Marcos Mayer – Xray
4. Cesar Salvadori – Associated
5. Criscareca Carpinelli – Serpent S400
6. Alexandre Kimura – Associated
7. Lucio Filho – Corally
8. Joao Helio – Serpent S400
9. Chung Min Hsu – Associated

Source : Serpent

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