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Available : Jun 28, 2008

ARTA Garaiya – TB-03 Chassis

Individualist faction machine of super GT300 class
The GT300 machine that apr produced based on 2-seater sports car “Wakiwakiki” that the Autobacs sports car laboratory developed is ARTA Garaiya. Six V type cylinder natural suction engine of 3.5 liters is Midoshippmaunted, and a low form and high together combat power are demonstrated. Activity as it enters super-GT300 class in 2007, new Demmorio and both player Shinichi Takagi depend driving, and it wins the championship in Fuji speedway of the third war. It is an assembly kit of an electric RC car that reproduces this individuality sect machine that fights over the champion against Final Race. Feature shape that expands behind the rear end of Riyacaul to say nothing of the overall style composed of the line with the intonation is reproduced by the polycarbonate in the round, too. As for the actually feeling body, the RC car invents a high, aerodynamic performance.

Shaft 4WD and TB-03 chassis adoption that stares at race to fight
The chassis is TB-03 of length putting motor shaft drive 4WD with which basic parts for the race are equipped normally. The bathtub frame that dustproof in addition to low center of gravity is high on earth molds the motor cooling duct. The propeller shaft is assumed a highly effective type divide into three, and equipped with Borldef back and forth. Driving efficiency was pursued further, and excellent maintenance was achieved, too. The suspension is four-wheel double wishbone of which the Inn board type is the reception desk. In addition, the improvement light is used before and behind Shortoribarshiblsasarm and pure racer TRF416. Running of shaft 4WD that evolved a chassis that includes the knowhow obtained from a lot of actual combats in each place and an aerodynamically excellent body together is attention.

Approximately upright corresponds to high load as 1050 bearing specification which is similar to high-end racer TRF416.

Suspension arm
The short reversible suspension arm which holds down the roll of the car standard equipment. Of course, finely setting is possible.

Rear section
As for motor cover 2 divisions. Maintainability such as pinion exchange and backlash adjustment was raised.

Chassis back
Molding the cooling duct on chassis back, the motor positive cooling. As for lower part of aluminum die-cast make motor mount heat sink form.

Inboard front suspension
Adopting the inboard front suspension which operates the damper effectively with the push rod and the rocker arm.

The body where the scale impression is high
Reality reproducing feature style fully the rear cowl end as another part. The door mirror where form differs in left and right tightens the forum.

Basic specifications
– Total length 435mm, full-width 191mm and total height 104mm - Wheel base 257mm - Also tread front and back 165mm - Motor =RS540 type - Drive system = vertical ranging motor shaft drive 4WD - Also diff. gear system F/R = ball diff. - Steering wheel tie rod =3 division - Also suspension F/R = double wishbone - Damper also =F/R CVA [oirudanpasupamini] - Gear ratio =7.09: 1 - Tire also =F/R width/diameter 24mm/64mm - Speed controller =ESC specification (selling separately)

Optional Parts :

ITEM 54052 (OP.1052)
TB-03 aluminum universal propeller shaft set

ITEM 54056 (OP.1056)
TB-03 aluminum diff. joint set

ITEM 54057 (OP.1057)
TB-03 front one-way unit

Source : Tamiya

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