Tamiya Japan – XB 1/12 TamTech Gear Porsche 935 Martini

Available : Jun 28, 2008

Dignity of 1976 champion machine drifts

The manufacturer world championship race/lace which starts from 1976 those where it was developed as the group 5 machine which fights are the Porsche 935 turbo. Large remodelling is administered 930 turbos of marketing by the base, with, from 260 horsepower of marketing type truly to 590 horsepower e.g., the horizontal opposition 6 cylinder engine of aerodynamic volume displacement 2857cc per Bosch make fuel injector and 1 cylinders adopts 2 plugs, raises the supercharging pressure of the KKK turbocharger it is to be raised. The body moving the headlight to the front spoiler, finishes the fender part to flat, equipping the large-sized rear wing. Also substantial light weight conversion actualizes. As for this year 2 units of martini color participate, win in the 1st, 2 games. 3rd – 5 games victory is taken in BMW, but taking back condition again from 6th game, conquering 6th, 7 games. 4 victory in all the 7 games is increased, this machine which has become the champion beautifully, joins to the [tamutetsukugia] assembling kit series.

Light weight it is low 2 wheel drive chassis of center of gravity, GT-01 adoption

The chassis light weight is low center of gravity the constitution where the rigidity which combines the roll cage to the semi monocoque frame is high. As for suspension 4 wheel double wishbone. Especially, the front the damper adopting the inboard type which mounts horizontally in lengthwise, it reproduced the low nose. High efficiency the rear wheel 2 wheel drive which loads 370 type motors onto the rear. The ball diff. which shows the traction which is superior, [suritsupakuratsuchi] which protects the gear from 10,001 shock standard equipment. Furthermore, in addition to full bearing specification, the drive system whose loss is little was actualized e.g., the universal shaft is used. As for the body being lightweight, the polycarbonate make which is strong in the shock. The high scale impression of designating the rear bumper and the large-sized rear wing etc which extend far back as another part of the ABS resin make is charm. Furthermore, the wheel is the dress type which reproduces a state where the cooling fin is installed, even also the foot racing mood fully.

Basic specifications

– Total length 400mm - Full-width 168mm - Total height 95mm - Wheel base 190mm - Tread =F: 129mm R: 140mm - Tire width/diameter =F: 20/54mm R: 25/55mm - Frame = strengthening resin make monocoque type frame - Drive system = horizontal ranging motor rear drive 2WD - Diff. gear = ball diff. - Steering wheel =3 divided tie rod system - Also suspension = front and back double wishbone - Gear ratio =10.86: 1 - Motor =370 type - Speed controller =ESC - With battery of attachment approximately 30 minute travelling possibilities (at the time of usual travelling full charge)

Source : Tamiya

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