XRAY – XB808 Clutch Bells

Clutchbells for XB808, manufactured on a precision manual gear machine from HUDY Gear Steel – a material specially formulated and developed for use in gears. Heat treated for highest strength, minimal wear and extra-long lifespan. The XB808 clutchbell features unique oversized ball-bearings designed and engineered by XRAY.

Replacing the standard 5×10 bearings with 1.3mm balls, the oversized 808 clutch bearings are 5×12 with 2.0mm balls and extra-thick bearing walls. This translates to higher load-carrying capabilities which will increase the life of the bearings and reduce the risk of clutch bearing failure during long final runs. The bearings come with special high-temperature resistant grease to ensure proper lubrication during high-revving engine operations and long runs.

Clutchbells are available in sizes of 15T, 16T, 17T and 18T:

  • 358525 XB808 Clutch Bell 15T
  • 358526 XB808 Clutch Bell 16T (standard)
  • 358527 XB808 Clutch Bell 17T
  • 358528 XB808 Clutch Bell 18T

Source : XRAY

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