Tamiya Japan – Sea Bass SX4 WRC

Sea bass SX4 WRC (TT-01 Chassis TYPE-E)

Available : Jun 28, 2008

Worldwide rally championship the sea bass first WR car which fights

It is the electromotive radio control car assembly kit of the sea bass SX4 WRC where from 2008 full it participates to worldwide rally championship, commencement game Monte Carlo, acquires the point in 2nd game Sweden and attracts attention. The marketing car of 5 door hatch-backs in the base, reproducing the forum of the force which the fender front and back to wide is converted to real with polycarbonate. The small door mirror and the roof ventilator, preparing the large-sized rear wing with another part, it tightens detail. In addition, the headlight 2 light (white), the tail lamp 2 light (the lead-lead) setting high brightness LED, light/write illumination is possible. The rally car it seems, you prepared many sponsor logographs with the sticker.

Adoption shaft 4WD and the TT-01 chassis TYPE-E which raise running
As for chassis, TT-01 TYPE-E of vertical ranging motor [shiyahutodoraibu] 4WD. In the mainframe of bathtub type, equipping the upper deck and the gear cover of the fiberglass strengthening nylon resin, make it guaranteed high chassis rigidity. As for the steering system play to be little 3 division types of movement which is smooth. Low going hand in hand with the center of gravity good balance design and 4 wheel double wishbone suspension and the diff. gear etc which is equipped on front and back, the controller bull you show flight quality. In addition, decreasing number of articles, to assemble it seriously considered cheapness, it decreased the part whose setting is necessary, the body constitution which it is easy to handle charm. It reversed the rear suspension arm, it set the wheel base to 6mm shortening and 251mm vis-a-vis TT-01 TYPE-E of standard type.

Approximately as for upright strength to be high the TT-01 TYPE-E private part whose abnormal play is little.

Steering wheel
As for the steering wheel of 3 division types using the aluminum pipe for the post. The smooth movement whose play is little is produced.

Damper stay
As for damper stay and gear cover peculiar parts of another body structure. In damper stay damper installation point 2 place installations

Upper deck
Upper deck of fiberglass combination nylon resin make. Chassis rigidity is raised.

In the upper deck, you can install the stay for the transponder which even the necessity of race/lace can be said.

Rear view
Setting the light/write case of the plating finish to front and back. As the depth impression at the time of LED installation is produced, it radiates the light/write more vividly.

Basic specifications
– Total length 417mm, full-width 187mm and total height 143mm - Wheel base 251mm - Tire width/diameter also =FR 27/67mm - Frame = bathtub type - Drive system = vertical ranging motor [shiyahutodoraibuhurutaimu] 4WD - Also diff. gear = front and back 3 bevels - Steering wheel =3 divided tie rod system - Suspension =4 wheel double wishbone - Also damper = front and back friction - Gear ratio =8.35: 1 - Motor =540 type - Speed controller =ESC specification (selling separately)

The machine is dressed up in the light lighting that uses high luminance LED
Few of vivid luminescence and current consumption is LED lights of the feature that can enjoy lighting the light by connecting it with Tamiya LED light unit (TLU-01). In the size, two kinds and the colors of 5mm in the diameter and 3mm in the diameter have white, red, yellow, the orange, and blue, and the rainbow type that the luminescence color changes in addition also becomes complete.

Option Parts :

ITEM 54025 (OP.1025)
TT-01 TYPE-E full bearing set

ITEM 54026 (OP.1026)
TT-01 aluminum propeller joint & shaft set

ITEM 53800 (OP.800)
Aluminum toe in rear upright (TT-01 TGS)

You cannot use the part of the below-mentioned 6 points.
ITEM 51002 (SP.1002) TT-01 A part (upright)
ITEM 53497 (OP. 497) TT-01 full bearing set
ITEM 53670 (OP. 670) TT-01 aluminum racing steering set
ITEM 53672 (OP. 672) TT-01 carbon upper frame
ITEM 53694 (OP. 694) TT-01 stabilizer set (front)
ITEM 53695 (OP. 697) TT-01 stabilizer set (rear)

Source : Tamiya

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