XRAY Column #19 – Excited for the Worlds?

After the new final production XB808 buggy testing at the US Silverstate, and upcoming World Championship track testing in Charlotte I was flying back home relaxed with good feelings. Usually my brain is hyperactive and keeps analyzing everything done… and what is next on my plan. This time, flying home on the long flight I was really relaxed. Why? Because I was satisfied with the final XB808 buggy and the work we had done, and was confident in the great performance of the NT1 – the car I was going to race at the upcoming event. Since cuccessfully finishing the work on the XB808 buggy, I could now fully concentrate on the upcoming touring car races. I was to land back in Europe on Friday and then turn around and leave Sunday for Portugal for the nitro touring car World Championship warm-up… this time to meet my touring car team and to go from “bumps and jumps” to “fast and smooth” but still with the sweet smell of nitro in the air.

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