Team Orion – Rocket Pack 5100

Team Orion is proud to introduce it’s newest addition to the line of Rocket Packs to the masses. Using Team Orion’s own cell’s which have been tested to handle over 150A providing previous unheard of performance from a stick pack.

Also available in 2700 (#ORI10301), 3300 (#ORI10304) and 4500 (#ORI10308) sizes in 6 cell 7.2V stick pack configurations with Tamiya style connectors these packs deliver the best plug and play performance for any vehicle!

Rocket packs also make an amazing solution for club racing and spec racing with the use of Team Orion cells it ensures that all racers will have the same great advantage.
Team Orion’s Rocket Packs are more then a just a tool for fun they are now a key to victory!

#ORI10335 Rocket Stick Pack 5100 7.2V (Tamiya Plug)

Source : Mirage Racing

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