Team Titan – Tools Bag Set

Double side nylon tool bag , special design for TiTAN Tools Set , easy use for load and unload all tools with organized location, include clutch fly wheel tool ,cross wrench and igniter , compact size easy for store and carry for you tools set, now tools set with tool bag is also available.

Tools included #10000 Full Set 16pcs with 15001 , 15002 , 15003 each X 1

TiTAN Tool Set #10000

#12700 Bodyshell Reamer 16mm
7.0mm Socket Driver
#13502 6.0mm Phillips Screw Driver
#13402 5.8mm Flat Screw Driver For Novarossi .21 Engine
#12655 5.5mm Socket Driver
#12402 4.0mm Flat Screw Driver For .21 Engine turning
#12030 3.0mm Hex driver
#12325 2.5mm Ball Head Hex Driver
#12025 2.5mm Hex Driver
#11645 4.5mm Socket Driver
#11101 Spring /Caster Clip Hook
#11501 4.0mm Phillips Screw Driver
#11401 3.0mm Flat Driver For .12 Engine turning
#11320 2.0mm Ball Head Hex Driver
#11020 2.0mm Hex Driver
#11015 1.5mm Hex Driver

Source : Team Titan

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